Auld School End Of Month Parties

I have attended two Auld School Parties in the last year – my personal circumstances stop me attending more regularly – the thing that stands out the most is the friendliness of all the party goers.  There is a mix of couples, singles, subs, Dommes and pro-Dommes but it as if there is a sign at the door saying “Leave Your ego here”.

Everyone is super friendly and go out of their way to welcome nervous newbies (like me).  People sit around chatting and circulating having a drink or three and then perhaps someone will start playing perhaps a spanking or whatever takes their fancy. Some people carry on chatting, some get up and go watch.

As the hostess, Megara Furie is beyond perfect – always looking fabulous and sometimes joining in with the play.

I for one was nervous the first time, but my nerves were quickly eased and I have created friendships with fellow kinksters which grow stronger each time I see them.

Obviously there are some basic rules everyone needs to follow, the most obvious being “no means no” but to be honest everyone is just there to chat to fellow kinksters, meet new friends and have fun.

I’ll definitely be going back whenever the chance occurs

@GlasgowSlaveZ – 8/7/18