Heated towel rail hand made and designed by Megara Furie

The space is open plan luxury and is fully fenced to provide all the privacy you will need for your outdoor fun and games. As you walk past the generous outdoor decked seating area and garden with an outdoor pizza oven/BBQ and human sized dog house you will enter the recently built extension (or ‘Slut Hut’ as it is more affectionately known) with leather Chesterfield suite, wall mounted TV and ambient lighting that can accomodate your own music preferences via Bluetooth.

To the right is the small contained guest bedroom with double bed and intimate lighting that changes to suit your mood.

The MHS (Megara’s Health Service) For ALL your health needs

On entering the studio you will find yourself in ‘MHS’ (Megara’s Health Service) otherwise known as the Medical play area where there are all manner of medical devices and instruments that will set your pulse racing and your heart fluttering with anticipation. These include but are not limited to: surgical skin staples, hypodermic needles, milking machine and a large range of insertables… – How big?? How brave more like! This area also contains items for age play, mummification, a selection of books on all things kink and a wide range of items to stimulate your senses… Every. Last. One. Of. Them.

Larger items of equipment include a custom made wheel of misfortune, couple’s swing, and tucked away in the corner like a naughty delinquent is a fetters style spanking bench.

There is an authentic hospital gurney with asylum style straps designed to restrain even the most difficult of ‘patients’.  Should the ‘Orthodontist’ be in residence, there is a dentist style chair with heavy leather restraints to ensure your safety, after all, you wouldnt want to get hurt now…. would you?

To the right is a free standing roll top bath built for two giving way to an open plan toilet because little subbies aren’t allowed the luxury of privacy however you’ll find plenty or rope and blindfolds to afford Dominants peace and quiet to use the facilities.


Roll Top Bath big enough for 2

Past the bathroom is an intimidating bondage throne with nipple and CBT attachments, a large array of hurty and ticklish things including canes, whips, floggers and paddles of ‘ass destruction’ (yes i really did just say that)

Bondage Throne

A sharp left will find you in the jail cell. Metro tiles, strobe light for that all important sleep deprivation, an uncomfortable bench to sleep on and the etchings of previous ‘tenants’ on the thick stone walls – a perfect backdrop to carry out your confinement play. Why not use the white leather strait jacket to doubly restrain your underling before you leave them to think about what they have (or have not) done.

                ‘Gaol Cell’


To the left you will find a tall multiple drawer cabinet that when opened is either Aladdin’s cave… or Pandora’s Box… full of objects designed to captivate the body and mind. Why not see for yourself… if you dare.



   Aladin’s Cave or Pandora’s Box?


Next we have a large head teacher’s desk with hidden restraints to indulge in all your office/schoolroom play fantasies.

       Large Head Teacher’s Desk with hidden

There is a large selection of footwear for those who like to worship, and an assortment of sexy attire for  dress up.

Whether it’s Bondage, CBT, CP, Humiliation, Pain, Splosh or anything else your mind desires or you are into, you will find just what you need at The Auld School.


             Hurty, Hitty, Tickly Things

If you have a special or unusual need please request and everything reasonable will be done to meet this and make your time here as memorable and enjoyable as possible.



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