The Auld School is pleased to announce, Auld School Fetish themed parties.

A light hearted gathering for likeminded adults to meet up and explore their kinky side in a safe, sane and consensual setting.

Glasgow Mistress Megara Furie will be in attendance and on hand to answer any questions you have. There will be house slaves to assist in anything you need.

Dates: Last Saturday of every month

Times: 8pm – Midnight

Dress Code: Smart/Fetish (Dressing up is encouraged and there is a dressing area provided if you would rather change here)

Cost: £30/couple or £20/single person

Auld School Rules!

  1. Alcohol – Soft drinks will be available to purchase and you may bring our own bottle but because there are a million things you can hurt yourself with, for your own safety, you will be asked to leave if you get too drunk.

  2. ID – On your first visit you will be asked to bring a copy of photographic ID – passport or drivers license which will be copied and kept with a copy of the Auld School rules which will be signed by you.

  3. Safety – Attendance and all activities are undertaken at your own risk and all property left is at your own risk. The Auld School accepts no liability or responsibility for any injuries or damage incurred and accepts no responsibility or liability for lost or damaged property.

  4. Sanity – If you are drunk, under the influence of drugs, unable to control yourself or make judgements on your own or others’ safety which poses a risk to yourself or another you will not be allowed to attend, asked to leave and banned for life.

  5. Consent – There will be absolutely NO non-consensual play. Ask politely and accept that a NO is a NO.

  6. Sexual activity/Nudity – this is NOT a swingers night. If you want to come here and indulge in intercourse then please rent the premises privately. The party is for fetish play only and any penetrative sex either vaginal, anal or oral is strictly forbidden. No nudity outside of the venue. Bring a coat if you wish to go outside to smoke.

  7. Drugs – Absolutely NO drugs will be allowed on the premises and Police will be called if anyone found in possession of drugs.

  8. Photography – No camera phones please as some will require discretion and privacy when attending these events. There will be a photographer present to take your photo.

  9. Discretion and Privacy – What happens at The Auld School stays at The Auld School. We don’t go around telling everyone who we saw and what they said or did.

  10. Smoking – permitted at the designated, private smoking area

  11. Implements – These can be borrowed from Megara and returned to Her after use

  12. Single persons – tickets will be very limited to encourage couples or people with an existing play partner to attend. This is not a peep show or perv gallery and any single person found to be harassing or leering will be swiftly ejected. Be social!

  13. 13. The Auld School reserves the right to cancel, amend or move the dates and times of ANY of these events. Notice will be displayed here. Please check the site regularly for details.

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