Well, it seems like forever since Our last get together, having been on TAS Party hiatus since mid-December. Since then Kween Megara has appeared on Radio, Blog/Vlog and television. Even the odd disparaging tabloid has jumped on the band wagon albeit with inaccurate ‘sleazy’ comments, however on the whole there has been much positivity and support for the work that Megara does. The Lady works tirelessly to ensure that clients receive a service that both enlightens and fulfills them. In addition She has been working relentlessly to assist in the establishment and facilitation of the GMB Adult Entertainment Branch (Glasgow) of which She is Secretary. The Lady is passionate and committed to equal rights and safety for workers in the Adult Entertainment Industry.

In other news, (no doubt you have seen the photos and website blog) Megara has a new nose and tits to die for (oh how i envy Her) i was honoured and kinda speechless when the Lady asked me to accompany Her to Turkey for the aesthetic surgical procedures. The trip was very interesting and allowed me to serve my Lady in a very specific way. This was exceptionally rewarding to say the least. Thank You again Lady for the privilege.

So… when is the next Party??

Saturday 30th March

8PM – Very Late

Tickets available from – https://www.theauldschool.co.uk/auld-school-parties/

For everyone’s enjoyment here’s a few reminder’s of what Parties are about:

-Fetish themed parties.

– A light hearted gathering for likeminded adults to meet up and explore their kinky side in a safe, sane and consensual setting.

NB: Glasgow Mistress Megara Furie will be in attendance and on hand to answer any questions you have. There is NO obligation for Mistress Megara, or any attending Dommes to ‘play’ with clients. Facilitating parties requires a lot of energy therefore, if you come to parties expecting to play, please arrange a partner or find out if there are other guests willing to play… afterall the premis of Parties was to encourage couples or people with an existing play partner to attend. The main outcome is for everyone to have fun and if you come with expectations that are unfulfilled then you probably aren’t going to have fun.

Get booking that ticket and We will see you on the 30th xx


  • Steve


    I just plucked up the courage to buy a ticket for the August party night, but see that they are cancelled.

    Do you have any details for event that is displacing it?

    Thanks in advance,


    • admin

      Hi Steve, not sure what you mean by ‘details for the event that is displacing it’s

      The parties have been on hold since the beginning of the year.

      Thanks for your query.

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