Following a month of business trips and some much earned rest and recreation, The Queen has returned to Her Castle and is keen to get back to organising sessions and generally being the Lady of the moment, which, as W/we all know She is excellent at.

Megara’s  schedule is exceptionally busy as She organises Her time between sessions at The Auld School, going to the gym at least twice daily … (She has a body to die for and likes to keep it in shape) and overseeing the training of the newest addition to “Team Weirdo”, @LadyBlonde3.  In addition, the Lady is planning  improvements to the Castle, updating Her clip sites, and will be working on various photography, educational and media projects throughout the coming months. Details will be posted here and on Her Twitter page as and when they occur.

Looking to book a session with Megara? Visit Her website :

Call: 07526655457




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