Heyyyy, skye here,

i’ve had quite a few DM’s recently on social network sites asking what goes on at the Auld School Parties, so i thought that it might help if i wrote about them here…

Firstly the “Auld School Parties” page on The Auld School website gives Y/you all the details Y/you need with regard to who the parties are for, how Y/you can get tickets and rules and regs… because yes… W/we do need them in order for people to enjoy themselves and keep safe at the same time.

The parties are for like minded kinkies to have fun in a safe, discreet and intimate environment. Most people feel comfortable enough to wear fetish or scene wear such as leather, latex, rubber, harnesses, burlesque etc, however this is not compulsory and smart casual wear is acceptable, although don’t turn up wearing jeans… it is a kinky party after all and if you want to fit in…

There are 3 main areas to The Auld School. Two areas are big enough for play and observing and there is the ‘slut hut’ that actually is a lovely area to sit and chat… and listen to music.

Most people bring their own alcohol to parties, just remember though, if Y/you do wish to play, don’t over indulge. No one gets to play if they are drunk… no exceptions… one of the rules. Another rule….. no drugs.

Although singles are permitted at my Lady’s discretion, Parties are ideal for couples who wish to try out the various items of equipment and implements that they might not otherwise have access to. If Y/you attend as a single there may be other single guests that may consent to play with Y/you. i should point out here that the Hostess, Megara is under no obligation to play. So if Y/you do want some play time and don’t want to be disapointed…. bring a partner. Also read the rules with regard to what play is not acceptable at the Parties.

In addition to play activities going on, the Lady and Her minions (myself and toty) are available to answer any questions Y/you may have… related to The Auld School that is 😉

Parties are often the first time a person has actually embraced their kink, or are simply curious, it is therefore expected that everyone is respectful of each other.

W/we often have visiting/guest Dommes and sexual freedom activists attending parties. These parties get particularly busy.

So, if Y/you have been wondering if Y/you should attend a party….i hope that this wee bit of writing ‘wot i wrote’ goes some way to making Y/you decide that Y/you do want to come along… because Y/you will never know until Y/you do.

The main thing about The Auld School Party nights is that everyone has fun and enjoys themselves. i love serving at parties just to see the sheer pleasure and enjoyment that guests get… for me…. that makes all the preparation worth it.

Hope to see Y/you at the next Party  on 30th June xx





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