May is a very busy month for our Lady Megara as She sets off on Her travels.

At the beginning of the month She travels to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The Lady is then back home for a brief stint at The Auld School where She will be instructing Her Cousin in the fine art of ‘baw-bustin’ and other such creative pursuits as practiced by a Dungeon Mistress.

Check the holiday curls oot

From the 13th to the 16th May, Megara will be in Rome. As Cleopatra claimed the heart and soul of Mark Antony, Mistress Megara Furie will conquer your mind and body… but only if you are brave and quick enough as Her time in Rome will be very busy but brief.

From Rome the Lady will jet off to the Land of the Rising Sun and will be there from 17th – 28th May. Her itinerary will include attending workshops run by a World Class Shibari Master, to develop further Her love of Shibari – an ancient Japanese artisitic form of rope bondage .

Ancient Japanese art of Shibari 

The Lady will also be available to session during Her time in Japan. Her diary is already filling and you wouldn’t want to be disappointed if you missed Her.

Mistress Megara will be resident at The Auld School again and available for sessions from 30th May.


Safe travels Lady and have much fun x


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