Have Y/you a kinky itch to scratch? Whether Y/you are a beginner or a seasoned kinkster, The Auld School fetish party nights are for Y/you. Come along with a partner for some safe and consensual playtime in the discreet but atmospheric and fully equipped Dungeon hosted by renowned Scottish and International Mistress Megara Furie.

Mistress Megara and Her slaves/submissives are on hand to assist Y/you to have the best possible experience and to answer any questions Y/you may have.

First timers don’t be shy, Y/you’ll never know unless Y/you try…

Come along and have some fun.

Please follow link [https://theauldschool.co.uk] for details on how to book for the last Saturday of the month and for more information about the delights the Auld School has in store.

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