Welcome to The Auld School.

Built in 1820 at a time when education was no laughing matter, rules were made to be followed and only the strictest of discipline was employed, this former primary school has certainly seen its fair share of correctional methods and training.

Countless teachers, disciplinarians and heads have walked through these doors over the years to preside over scruffy, unruly and untamed delinquents. With a firm hand and a sharp tongue these Authoritarians moulded and shaped the little rascals into acceptable, well mannered, respectful human beings.

The perfect backdrop to begin, or indeed continue, your journey of disciplinary exploration.

Whether you are here to express yourself creatively via photography or film; sessions or indulging in some well needed quality time with your partner, we hope that you will find your time here enjoyable, fulfilling and relaxing. If there is anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable, please do let us know.



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